Nowadays we think much about the life of the roof, as the roof leakage is one of the major problems faced by the Indian terrace houses. For preventing the roof leakage, many are opting for different kinds of roof tiles and certain maintenance and management. Statistical data prove that an average building last for about 75 years and the average roof will last only for 15 years. If we are able to extend the life of the roofing it will wonders in the market.
One of the best ideas to make your roofing last longer is to have a better roof tile on the top and its essential and regular maintenance. The roof comes as an essential part of one’s house and it is the main aspect of the house which will set us apart from the outside world. Installing a beautiful roof of your house will give added charm to your house and your roof to look good and being good will have the difference in the maintenance of the roof.
Another great idea is to carry out roof inspection at the expected time as it will save a lot of money which we will spend on the repair works. A home inspector will be able to examine your roof and say what all maintenance should be done and what all should be corrected in advance. And while inspecting the fascia board (wooden board which runs along the finishing line of the roof ) which may get spoiled as it is directly exposed to the elements of weather such as rain, sunlight and the frequent change in weather should be repaired so as to prevent further damages.
Similarly, examine the soffit (which is placed on the under of the roof) which is the part which creates the difference between the inside and the outside of the house. The main cause of damage is the leaking of the roof water after a rain. Repair it immediately if you notice any problem.
You should also check for leakage on the roofs and should fix it soon. And the shingles, the visible part of the roof will usually require much maintenance as it has, the more of exposure to change of weather as it has more chances to wear out quickly.
Tapco tiles will provide excellent roofing tiles in different colors and varieties with good maintenance and the inspection of all these will help you to have a longer life for your roofing and proves to be more pocket friendly.