While constructing a house or a commercial building most of us are very much peculiar about the roofing, so that it has to last longer, look better and friendly for the pockets. All your roofing needs and solutions are good at, its maximum at the Tapco roofings.

We want a perfect roof tile to prevent the aging process of the roofing as much as possible. Even though we care a lot, there are some natural hazards probably damaging the roof, like the heavy rains, hot sunlight, storms and habitat of certain birds or animals will threaten your roofing. This is because these reasons will cause an eventual fall in the roof by having some scrapping in the roof, makes it brittle, it may have cracks and will ultimately damage the roof. Having some sorts of UV protection on the roof or painting the roof can help to prevent the damage up to an extent. Periodical inspection of the roof with an experienced personnel or a contractor is required for the roof. This will help you to have your roof lasts longer than the roofs without maintenance.

Heavy rains usually will affect the roofs very badly. During heavy rains the roof surface is entirely covered with water and sometimes the drains may not have performed properly. Thus the water weight will produce sagging of the roof structure, which may result leaking and later collapses on the building.
One of the major investments that we make while constructing a house is a sturdy and durable roof tiles on the top. To have roofs that last longer, we have to first select a good quality roof tile, proper designing and works and afterwards the periodical maintenance of the roof are required.

The Tapco roofing is the best ceramic roofing solution in Kerala due to its good quality products. The ceramic roofing tiles of the Tapco tiles are much better in its durability and require less maintenance as the quality is so good. We have the best roofing tiles with many happy customers throughout Kerala. We also help you to keep up with the changing trends in the roof tiles and will provide you the latest roofing with good quality.

We also understand that roofing may be costly to many people. And thus we provide roofing tiles with at least possible prices. To have a safety on your pocket, we will provide the roof tiles, which need only less maintenance on its way. Thus, the Tapco tiles provide best roofing solutions and are now the first choice for many people in Kerala.