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We, the SN group of companies started its operations in 1980's as a clay tile manufacturing unit. The product range consisted of traditional roofing and flooring tiles.

Now we are introducing world class natural clay tiles in the brand name of TAPCO. The products are imported from Vietnam and the range consists of high quality roofing, flooring the outdoor paving tile which has got a diversified usage options.

Being a well-established and experienced business group in the field of tile manufacturing and marketing, we are committed to give world class products to our customers at an affordable price range. We are very confident that the TAPCO is going to be one of the well-known and well accepted brands among the roofing and flooring tiles. The group is expected to come with more allied products with world class quality, in the years to come. Our vision is to become one of the top brands in the construction material segment by providing with best quality products and services.

It's Hot Outside.
But You Can Keep Inside Cool...

Tapco natural clay tiles are ideal for your rooftop. it is highly heat resistant, thus reduces thetemperature up to 20 to 40% inside. it also help prevent leakage and keep your rooftop strong, clean and beatifull.

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Not just an ordinary tile, it's versatile...

TAPCO NAtuaral Clay Tiles are not just tiles, it's eally a versatile product with aorld class technolagy and perfect fit for your interior & exterior construction requirements.