Ceramic Roof Tiles in Irinjalakuda

Ceramic Roof Tiles in Irinjalakuda

Irinjalakkuda is a municipal town in Thrissur. It is well known for its classical dance form of Koodiyaattam. This place is known to have a good importance in the history due to the culture and architecture. Since years, the roofs of this area are known in using different kinds of roof tiles. The Tapco roofing solutions are providing roofing solutions since 1930’s. The excellence in roof tiles had gained better popularity for the Tapco tiles as the best ceramic roof tiles in Irinjalakkuda.

Ceramic Roof Tiles That Suits Different Climatic Conditions

Like most of the places in Kerala, the Irinjalakkuda is also a place that is prone to different climatic conditions. In the monsoon season there will be heavy rain fall and very hot in summer. Most of the roof tiles when kept on roofs of these areas will face frequent and easy damages. This is due to the extreme changes of climates. As the roofs have to face different extremes, roof tiles suitable for a particular climate wouldn’t do the job.

Thus most of the roof tile brands fail here as they may not be able to provide the most suitable ones. The Tapco roof tiles are the most durable on comparing to other roof tile brands. There are wide choices of ceramic roof tiles with Tapco and they are the highly durable ceramic roof tiles in Irinjalakkuda. During the rainy season the roof tiles will damage due to heavy rain fall or storms.

The accumulation of leaves, branches and more will lead to water clogging and thereby damages the roofs. This will also let water to enter inside of the roof and eventually into the interiors. In the summer, there will be high temperature reaching the roof tiles; this may result in losing the color and adorability initially. Later on there will be roof damages also. The Tapco roof tiles are providing better protection to the roofs.

Anti-fungal Roof Tiles

The accumulation of mosses or other growth on the roof tiles are a major issue faced by the house owners. This will lose the beauty of the house and on long standing it will damage the roofs. Some kinds of roof tiles are prone to get fungus early and will lose their adorable features. As it is not easy to conduct roof maintenance they will stand for long and the strength of the roof tiles will also be reduced. Thus this could be a reason for eventual roof damage. You can get anti-fungal roof tiles in Irinjalakkuda from the Tapco.

Budget Friendly Roof Tiles

As there is a declining trend in the Indian economy, there is an increased trend of spending less by people. Similarly in case of roof tiles also people choose to have the best quality ones with cost effective prices. From the Tapco roofing brand you can get a wide variety of roof tiles and other roofing materials. Each kind of them is with high quality and budget friendly prices. There are ceramic roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles and roofing shingles available for roofing solutions with Tapco. The Tapco ceramic roof tiles are the budget friendly roof tiles in Irinjalakkuda.

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