Kasaragod is the northern district of Kerala. It has rich biodiversity with the Western Ghats. This place is well known for many historic monuments. The important being Chandragiri fort and Bekal fort. The natural environment of the Ranipuram and Kottancheri Hills are very attractive to the tourists. This place is just few kilometers away from the major port city and commercial hub of Mangalore. All these things are accounting to the development of this area. This development in the lifestyle of people had brought an increased demand in the better construction products and services. The Tapco roof tiles are the best roof tile dealer in Kasargod since around 3 decades.

Aquaizol Roofing Shingles from Tapco

The roof shingles are usually the overlapping kind of roof tiles. This element is mostly of flat, rectangular shapes that are laid from bottom to up. They are laid in courses and each piece will be overlapping the joints below it. On comparing to the ceramic roof tiles, the roofing shingles will deteriorate faster. The introduction of the Aquaizol roof shingles by the Tapco roofing had helped in avoiding this fear. These roof shingles had become highly popular across Kerala. Thus the Aquaizol roof shingles are the most popular roof shingles in Kasaragod.

The Tapco’s roof shingles are comparatively durable with high quality. Moreover, they are prone to very less maintenance in the future. The weather withstanding capacity is the major function expected with the roofing materials. We at Tapco ensure you that these Aquaizol roof shingles are perfect for the roofs of Kerala. They are sold to thousands of clients and are having excellent feedback with less damage. Thus these roof shingles are becoming a cost effective solution for most people.

Roof Shingles that makes your House Stunning

Many people go for roof shingles mainly because of its good looking property. The Tapco is the dealer of foreign made Aquaizol roof shingles in India. They are well known for their adorability and quality. The availability of many different patterns and color shades are making the clients more attractive to Tapco roof shingles. These are good looking shingles with an extra layer on it. This extra layer is making the roof shingles more attractive, preventive against harsh climates and fungus. Thus keeping the Aquaizol shingles on your roofs could be a cost effective solution with a beautiful look. This Aquaizol roof shingles from Tapco are available in many roof tile shops in Kasaragod.

Roof Shingle Installation

As the roofing material is important, the roof tile installation is also important. Only a perfectly installed roof can look good, perform well and stay good. The skilled and trained team of Tapco is performing this duty in a best manner. We are ensuring best quality roof shingle installing services for our clients. In short, the Tapco roof shingles and their professional installation from our team will help you to have a stunning home. Our team is happy to become a part of your beautiful and happy home.

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