The Tapco roof tile brand is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and is a leading supplier of ceramic roof tiles in Kerala. We have an experience of more than three decades in the field of good quality ceramic and clay products. Each and every product supplied by the Tapco roofing is 100% natural. It meets the world class technology and it is a perfect option for people looking for best quality roof tiles for their roofs. There are best suited roof tiles with Tapco for your interior and exterior requirements in construction.

When discussing about the premium quality Tapco roof tiles, all the roof tiles from the Tapco are manufactured with pure white clay. The qualities of pure white clay are it is extra strong, light weight and it also has extra thermal insulation capacity as compared other roof tile brands. Other than these properties, the Tapco roof tiles are anti-fungal, thus prevent accumulation of fungus on the roof tiles, which will reduce the durability of the roof as the time passes. These roof tiles meets the European standards for their quality and created under latest and improved technologies with pure raw materials.

The availability of the roof tiles in various colors and shapes are the other advantage of Tapco roof tiles. These roof tiles are available in different blended colors. They are imported roof tiles and some of the premium products include Elbano – double color, Elbano – shingle dot red, Elbano – blue grey, Elbano – dark grey, German - coffee brown, German – black matt, Roman – terracotta, Roman – red shingle, Roman – blue grey, Spanish – red shingle, Spanish – blue grey, Spanish – wine red, Spanish – terracotta and Spanish – black matt. Each kind of roof tiles has its own peculiarities.

You will be definitely able to select the one suitable for your roof top from the wide range of Tapco roof tiles. You can even blend it into your personal favorites. These ceramic roof tiles preserve the good qualities of the traditional roof tiles and yet it is improved with modern technologies. In olden times the roof tiles being uniform was very difficult, no two roof tiles are uniform but they are similar. They were mostly hand made. The latest technologies in manufacturing with different machineries had made it to become uniform products.

The Tapco roof tiles are undergone with different quality tests before leaving the factory. Each piece of tile is made sure of its quality. Along with the roof tiles the Tapco team offers you suggestions on how the roof tiles will add elegance to your roof, about the ambience, protection and comfort for your home. These roof tiles are eco-friendly and leaves back no pollutants during their manufacturing or by itself.

The Tapco roof tiles had shown its quality and strength in the heavy rain fall areas of Kerala. They are prone to very less damages or no damages. They are highly durable and are available at reasonable prices. This made the Tapco roof tiles to be widely accepted and the favorite roof tile brands of people throughout Kerala. We also extend the supply of our products to different parts of country.

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