The Calicut, otherwise known as Kozhikode, is place with historic importance. The Europeans first landed India through the Calicut. It is well known for its trade and commerce since ancient times. It is famous for its golden beaches and green hills. There are more attractions with the Calicut. Similarly, in the field of construction, there is a rapid increase and the architecture part is well developed. The faster growth of the place demanded better roof tile options too. The Tapco roof tiles had helped to build their dreams come true. The price of roof tiles in Calicut is comparatively less with the Tapco roofing brand.

There are many modern and beautiful houses built here. This led to the use of different kinds of roof tiles. There are many roof tile brands available in the market, but selecting the best among this has proven to be a difficult task. The Tapco roof tile brand is preferred by most of the people in Calicut. Most of these roof tiles are foreign made. They are manufactured with latest technologies. Availability of different colors and patterns made the Tapco roof tiles a friendly roof tile brand for its customers. The Tapco roof tiles had proved its quality on roofing and became the trusted roof tiles in Calicut.


The Tapco roof tiles are as peculiar over other roof tiles as they perform well. The Calicut is region that had witnessed so many natural calamities. These problems especially affect the coastal areas. Thus highly durable roof tiles like Tapco are necessary for these areas. The Tapco roof tiles are capable of withstanding the effects of climatic changes. There will be sudden changes from severe hot climate to rain. The Calicut is prone to get severe rains in the monsoon. This is affecting the roofs of buildings on a wide range. Houses that are kept with low quality roof tiles will get completely damaged or they require high maintenance. In such cases, the Tapco roof tiles are suitable for your roofs. The Tapco roofing offers the best ceramic roof tiles in Calicut.

All the roof tiles from Tapco like the ceramic roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles and roofing shingles have a protective layer on it. This extra layer on the roof tiles will make it stronger against all the weather conditions. The shining part of the roof tiles are also kept well. These roof tiles will definitely look beautiful on your roof. They are anti-fungal and are not prone to catch fungus or algae on it. Thus the beauty of the roof tiles is maintained even after many years. As they won’t require much maintenance and they are highly durable, it will be a pocket-friendly option. All these qualities of the roof tiles made it more popular and it became the best roof tiles in Calicut.

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