Mangalore is a major port city in Karnataka. You can see a number of developments in this area within few years. It is a highly populated as well as a developed area. Similarly, the construction needs are also of high demands. Economic conditions of this place are related to industrial, commercial, agricultural processing and port related activities. Since it is a place where there are different language speaking people from different religions lives, there are different cultures here. The Tapco is the leading roof tile dealer in Mangalore to give different types of roof tiles for different constructions.


From the house of Tapco you can get roof tiles manufactured out of different raw materials. There are clay roof tiles of ceramic and terracotta. Similarly, you can also get roofing shingles from Tapco. As there will be different architectural designs, the demand for roof tiles will also differ. The house owners or contractors can find the best roofing solutions from Tapco.

Here you get varieties in size, colors, pattern and more. Even two colored roof tiles are available. Since you can choose from a wide range of collection, you will not require further blending of colors. The Tapcotiles give you the opportunity to select from large collections. Similarly, the Tapco has an economic range of roof tiles called Shielder which is even more affordable.


The premium ranges of roof tiles from Tapco are of high quality and standard. They are manufactured with cutting edge technologies. These premium quality roof tiles are especially designed to meet the roofing needs even in harsh climates. Since the climatic conditions of Karnataka are prone to heavy rain, there are more chances for damages. Using of premium quality Tapco roof tiles had reduced these kinds of roof damages in many parts of India. Thus the Tapco is the best roof tiles in Mangalore.

Similarly, several areas in Karnataka face heavy heat during summer. People go behind different techniques to reduce the high temperature they feel inside their home. Keeping cool roof tiles on the top of house was always a good idea to reduce heat. The Tapco roof tiles have anti-fungal properties and thus reducing the accumulation of fungus on the roofs. This had actually increased the use ofTapco roof tiles in Karnataka. These roof tiles meet international quality standards and are a most preferable roof tile brand in India.


As many of the construction demand for roofing shingles, there is an increased demand for this. The Tapco is the dealer of Aquaizolroofing shingles in Mangalore. We are bringing you the beauty of European houses right here in India. These are the best quality and high standard roofing shingles from Europe. They will be enough to make your houses beautiful as well as to protect from different climatic conditions and other influences. Moreover, Tapco is providing best roof tile installation services for all kinds of roof designs and roof tiles.

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