The Alappuzha is a well-known place for tourism in Kerala. It has attracted many tourists both inside India and outside India. This place is otherwise known as Alleppey. Due to the tourist attractive features here, there is an increased demand for better architectural structures. There are both traditional and modern style buildings in Alappuzha. It is a well-developed area in tourism and there are several beautiful buildings across this district. The people here demands for a wide variety of roof tiles, since the construction also varies. Only the Tapco roof tiles have the best collection of roof tiles in Alappuzha.


The roof tile varieties of Tapco are really attractive and have a huge collection. It is always better to choose anything from a wide variety of choices. It is said because; here you can come across the most suitable one for you. Similarly, in case of roof tiles, choosing from the Tapco will be your best option. We can assure you that you will definitely find a suitable roof tile for your home in both pattern and color.

We are providing roof tiles suitable for different architectural designs like curved roofs, flat roofs or any other shapes. This is actually the reason behind the better popularity of the Tapco roof tiles on comparing with other roof tile brands in Alappuzha.

We have the collection of roof tiles that are made up of different raw materials. The roofing materials like clay roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles and roofing shingles are available under the Tapco roofing brand. We also suggest you the best kind of roofing material for your roof by considering all the construction aspects of roofs. The roof tiles from Tapco are specially designed for the roofing needs of Kerala. They are heat resistant, fire resistant and noise resistant.


The ceramic roof tiles from Tapco will not let the excess heat from the sunlight to enter inside the home. Thus these roof tiles are also known as cool roof tiles. Many people are now suggesting Tapco roof tiles, as being comfortable at home is very important. This will also help in reducing the electricity bills as the roof tiles have some coolant properties. Over the years, the Tapco has proven itself to be best for the roofs and for the owner’s pockets. The Tapco’s roof tiles are the best clay roof tiles in Alappuzha that will let your home to stay cooler even in hot climates.


All the roof tiles from Tapco meet international quality. These are foreign made and only best quality raw materials are used in their preparation. They are created under latest and advanced technologies and the uniformity of the roof tiles of same kind are well maintained. Each piece of roof tile will undergo quality assurance tests before delivering it to the customers. Thus these are a quality ensured roof tiles and thus suitable for your roofs. You can get best quality roof tiles in Alappuzha from the Tapco.

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