Alappuzha, also known by the name Alleppey, is a state in Kerala. This is the smallest district in Kerala and is well known for the picturesque backwaters. This had actually made Alappuzha well connected to other parts of Kerala and also a well-known tourist destination. Moreover, this place is also famous for different monuments and temples. Since it is facing increased tourist attraction, there is need for different kinds of constructions. This had actually brought more demand in several construction materials. Since the roof tiles are the primary components that accounts for the exterior beauty they must be chosen wisely. Thus the role of roof tiles in Alappuzha for their constructions is unavoidable.

The traditional look of Kerala is still maintained here through the culture and lifestyle of people here. Different constructions like commercial and residential buildings also come under this. The Tapco is the leading roof tile manufacturer in Kerala to provide all kinds of roofing solutions. You can get best roof tiles and roof tile installation services from the Tapco.

Roofing Shingles

The Aquaizol roofing shingles are major roofing options in European countries. This is also the major reason behind that stunning look of European houses. This Aquaizol roof shingles are now available in Indiafrom the house of Tapco. Since they are foreign manufactured, it has many such properties. They are especially made to look awesome on the roofs and also to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

They are manufactured out of pure clay and under advanced technologies. They meet international quality standards and uniform in nature. Moreover, they are available in different colors to suit your architectural needs. Thus they can be used in a best way to get a beautiful look for your roofs. The Tapco is the dealer of Aquaizol roof shingles in Alappuzha.

Roofing Solution Suitable for Climatic Conditions

Since the areas of Alappuzha also face harsh climates like other parts of Kerala, a suitable roofing solution is required. Like all other roof tiles from Tapco the Aquaizol roof shingles are also of good quality to meet these kinds of roofing needs. Few years back, the major drawback that people faces with the roofing shingles are their easy deterioration with the climatic changes. During the summer, these areas are facing high temperature. This in turn will increase the heat inside the houses. Giving heat resistant roof tiles can help you prevent excess heat inside your home. The Aquaizol roof shingles have heat resistant properties to resist heat. Moreover, they are capable of withstanding harsh climates like heavy storms and heavy rains. This is with the precise dimensions and their adaptability on roofs.

Roof Shingle Installation

The way of roof tile installation varies with each kind of roof tile and also with different architectural designs. The Tapco is also the best roof tile installing company in Kerala. We have a skilled team for roof tile installation. The roof tile installation and other roof maintenance works are carried out in a best way by the Tapco team.

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