Ceramic Roof Tiles in Guruvayur

Ceramic Roof Tiles in Guruvayur

The Guruvayur, which is also written as Guruvayoor is a famous pilgrim spot in southern part of India. The centuries old red-roofed temple in Guruvayur is the place visited by many Hindu devotees. They give different offerings like fruits, spices or coins in the name of ‘Thulabharam’. The red roof of this temple itself shows the prominence of roof tiles in Kerala even centuries back. Still the people here prefer to use ceramic roof tiles for their houses. Since around a century, the Tapco tiles brand is providing best quality roof tiles in Thrissur.

Different Varieties of Ceramic Roof Tiles

Whenever we are looking for a roofing solution, we will consider several things. Most commonly we look for the quality, durability and affordability. We will be in need of roof tiles suitable for the architectural designs of the buildings. The Tapco roof tiles will definitely provide solutions to all your roofing needs. Thus the Tapco has become the leading roof tile dealer in Guruvayur.

With the Tapco there are different colors and patterns of roof tiles. There are many attractive shades and colors of roof tiles available with Tapco. They are manufactured by using quality raw materials like pure clay. There are also different types of roofing materials like terracotta roof tiles, roofing shingles and clay roof tiles. From the Tapco roofing brand you can get ceramic roof tiles that are manufactured in different countries.

The Cool Roof Tiles

Since most of the parts in Kerala are prone to have severe heat during summer, it is necessary to consider cool roof tiles. On comparing to other roof tile brands, the ceramic roof tiles of Tapco are made of pure white clay. This provides better resistance of heat during summer and helps to keep the interiors cool. It is also a cost effective option to keep ceramic roof tiles from Tapco on your roof top. They are not just the budget friendly roof tiles in Guruvayur, they also offer a cooling effect in the interior spaces.

Ceramic Roof Tiles That Lasts Long

The Tapco roof tiles are no doubt a durable brand. There are many reasons to say this. They are quality assured roof tiles and are quality checked before delivering to the customers. The usual things that damage the roof tiles are the extremes of climates, accumulation of mosses, stagnation of water due to leaves and much more. Poor maintenance of the roof will also accounts to the roof damage. Improper roof installation is the other major reason for roof failure.

When you choose to have Tapco roof tiles for your house, they are the perfect solution for your roofing needs. The Tapco roofers will do perfect roof tile installation and thus making it to look adorable. This will need only very less maintenance in the future. Moreover, all the roof tiles from Tapco are anti-fungal and very less prone to mosses and algae. This will help to maintain your roof tiles beautifully for long years. The external extra layer on the Tapco roof tiles will give weather withstanding properties. All these features are making the Tapco tiles, the best roof tiles in Guruvayur.

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