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In India, the climatic conditions vary from place to place. There are place with harsh climates. Thus the roofs of India will require high quality roof tiles to withstand all the climatic conditions. The Tapco is the leading manufacturer and dealer of best quality roof tiles in India. There are roof tiles to suit all sorts of climatic conditions in India. Moreover, there are also different sets of roof tiles to meet different styles of architecture. Whatever may be your kind of need with roof tiles, the Tapco is capable to provide you all sorts of roof tiles.

Cool Roof Tiles

There are many regions in India which faces high temperature and hot climate in summer season. If the roof tiles are not chosen properly, these will account for bringing excess heat to the home or office interiors. Since the Tapco roof tiles are manufactured with pure ceramic or terracotta clay, the cooling effect of the roof tile is maintained.

The ceramic and terracotta roof tiles from Tapco are having an extra protective layer on them. This will make the roof tile to resist heat from entering the roof and thereby to the interiors of the houses. This will make you less suffers due to the sun’s heat. Other than having a good cooling protection for your roof, you are also getting a solution for your high electricity bills in summers. The Tapco’s ceramic roof tiles are the best cool roof tiles in India.

Water Resistant Roof Tiles

There are many places in India facing heavy rainfall. Places like Kerala are prone to get heavy rainfall in a year. There are more chances for the roof tiles and roofs to get damaged during the continuous rainfall. Changing or painting the roof tiles is not an easy process. Thus it is always better to keep a best quality water resistant roof tile for your roof.

The water resistant roof tiles from Tapco will not let the rain water enter inside the roof. If there is water entering inside the roofs, there are higher chances for getting premature damages to the roof of your house. Then there will be deterioration of other parts of your buildings also. It will be a difficult process to carry our certain kinds of maintenance works in the houses where we live. Choosing the best quality roof tiles from Tapco will let you prevent all these problems. Tapco is the best ceramic roof tile manufacturer in India.

Stronger and Durable Roof Tiles

The Tapco roof tiles are stronger roof tiles as compared to many other roof tile brands in India. The quality of the raw materials and the best manufacturing processes are making it stronger. These roof tiles are stronger enough to withstand heavy rain or snow fall. It will not get easily damaged from any external influences. The anti-fungal properties of the Tapco tiles are making it to look good even for long years. Since they are not affected by the algae or fungus, these roof tiles will stay for long.

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