There is an increased trend in people to choose the ceramic roof tiles for their roofs. This is mainly due to the advantages of ceramic roof tiles which it has over the other roof tiles. The aesthetic property of the ceramic roof tiles are more as compared other roofing materials. They were also used from the ancient times to do the roofing for monuments and different architectural properties.

Especially, the people in Kerala are very particular about the beauty of their houses. The Tapco roof tiles provide the ceramic roof tiles, where quality and beauty comes together. The wide ranges of products are another interesting feature of Tapco roof tiles. This made the people in Malappuram to prefer the Tapco roof tiles the most. Thus became the best ceramic roof tiles in Malappuram.

The Tapco roof tiles are an ISO certified roof tile brand. Manufacturing and selling ceramic roof tiles since 40 years. Each piece of roof tile from the Tapco is quality guaranteed. They are manufactured with all the perfection under latest technologies. Each tile is quality checked before it is ready for delivery. They are foreign made and hence meet the international qualities. It is the favorite roof tile brand in Kerala, as good quality roof tiles are available at best prices.


The climatic condition of Kerala comes in both the extremes. Similarly, in case of Malappuram also the climatic conditions may affect the houses badly. There is an increased probability for this to happen. Thus a more suitable roof tile must be selected to their roofs.

The Tapco provides the most durable and sustainable roof tiles. This will definitely help you to deal with the climatic changes. The ceramic roof tiles from Tapco are best quality ceramic roof tiles prone to less damage. They have increased longevity and will require only less maintenance in the future. Thus keeping the Tapco ceramic roof tiles are an asset to the customers.

There will have unpredictable or sudden climatic changes in these regions. The house owner may not get a chance to make their roof ready for the summer or rainy season. This will again leads to the bad impacts on the roofs. These kinds of problems are very less mattered with the Tapco roof tiles.

The ceramic roof tiles are able to provide a cooling effect in the summer season. They limit the noises of rain on the roof in winter season. They are also fire-resistant and does not catch fire.

Another peculiarity is that, it is less prone to the fungal issues of roof. They have anti-fungal properties. This will help to maintain the beauty of your roof tiles even after heavy rainfall or bright sunlight. The extra layer present over the ceramic roof tiles of Tapco is the main reason to maintain the quality.

The Tapco roof tiles are suitable for any kind of architectural designs. The roof tile installation with the Tapco roof tiles is very convenient to the employees. There are a wide range of blended colors available with us. Moreover, you can blend it into other colors without losing the beauty and finishing of the ceramic roof tiles. Thus a more preferable roof tile brand by the roofing contractors.

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