Udupi is a southwestern district in Indian state of Karnataka. The economy of this area is greatly depended on fishing and agriculture. This place is renowned as a medical and educational hub. There are a number of traditional and modern constructions. You can witness a number of houses and other buildings created beautifully. There is also an increased use of roof tiles for houses here since ancient times. There are a number of people demanding roof tiles for their houses to make it beautiful. The Tapco tiles are the best roof tile dealer in Mangalore to provide various kinds of roof tiles.


For being a best quality roof tiles, it is important to be made from pure raw materials. The manufacturing methods also determine the quality of the roof tiles. All the ceramic roof tiles from Tapco are made up of pure white clay. Moreover, while manufacturing no materials that cause harm to the nature are added to it. Installing ceramic roof tiles from Tapco for your roofs will not cause any harm to the environment. Thus it can be a good thing you do to nature.

These ceramic roof tiles from the house of Tapco is especially designed for giving you quality roofing. They are manufactured under advanced technologies. Thus the uniformity of the roof tiles is maintained when compared to the traditional roof tile manufacturing. They are manufactured with an extra protective layer to give protection against harsh climates. This is making them long lasting. Thus the Tapco is providing best quality roof tiles in Udupi.


The ceramic roof tiles from Tapco are offering improved resistance against harsh climates. They are designed and manufactured in a way to provide extra protection to your houses. They are resistant to water and do not allow the rain water to enter inside the roof and thereby to the interiors. These roof tiles are highly resistant to heavy rain and winds. Thus they are the suitable roofing options for the roofing needs in Udupi.

They are also proven to be heat resistant. There are many parts in Karnataka facing heavy heat during the summers. To reduce the heat inside the houses, people go for different techniques. Keeping clay roof tiles on the roofs were one of them. The Tapco is introducing highly heat resistant ceramic roof tiles to meet the need for heat resistance. This is helping the house owners to feel less heat inside.

All the roofing materials from the Tapco are anti-fungal. These anti-fungal properties are attained through the extra layer they have on the roofs. With continues rain there are increased chances for the roofs to have mosses or other algae accumulation. This is a serious problem as it causes bad look and also cause damages to the roofs on long standing. Cleaning these roofs can be a big task and at times dangerous due to the roof plan. The Tapco tiles are giving adorable and best ceramic roof tiles in Udupi.

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