A large area of this district is covered by forest and there are a lot of trekking points here. It is a highly tourist attractive place due to its natural resources. The tourist attractions actually lead to a number construction in Wayanad. Moreover, there are a lot of latest and traditional houses in this location. There are a number of roof tiles used for the roofs in Wayanad. The best among the roof tiles in Wayanad is the Tapco roof tiles. There are wide varieties of roof tiles suitable for the climatic conditions of this region.


Since it is a place with more modern construction works especially aimed to attract tourists, it requires latest designs of roof tiles. Due to this the Tapco had become a leading roof tile company in Wayanad. There are wide varieties of roof tiles in both patterns and shades. You will be definitely able to find a best suitable kind of roof tile for your kind of roofs.

Most of our roof tiles are foreign made, that too from different countries. Each piece of roof tile is best in quality and they meet international quality standards. There are different kinds like ceramic roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles and roofing shingles with Tapco. All of these roofing tiles are made of pure clay. Due to this they will perform in the best way on your roof.


Many types of roof tiles are available in the market, but most of them are not nature friendly. There is one or other mixing in the raw materials and they may not be perfectly manufactured to make it environment friendly. In in the long run you may change the roof tile of your roof and will dump it somewhere. If it is not environment friendly, these kinds of roof tiles are definitely a threat to the next generation. All the varieties of roof tiles from Tapco are quality assured and will not be a threat or pollutant to our environment.


The Tapco roofing is the best roofing company in Kerala known for giving best roof installing services. According to different architectural patterns there will be different roof patterns. It may be sliding type, curved, straight or any other type. Keeping the roof tiles in a best way has so many advantages on your roofs. The first one is, when installed perfectly that finishing good look will reflect the beauty of your roofs. It will make your house to look more adorable. The next thing will be like less maintenance. When the roof tiles are properly installed they will require only less maintenance in the future. This is because they will rarely only get some kinds of damages.

Moreover, when the roof tiles are perfectly installed they will get resistant to the extremes of climatic changes. When roof tiles are installed without gaps and in a way nicely attached to the roofs, they are prone to less damage. That is, they will not move from their place during rain or storms. Due to these properties the Tapco roof tiles are now the leading roof tiles in Wayanad.

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