The roofing shingles are the common roofing materials used for houses in Cochin. Since there are a number of constructions, these kinds of roofing materials are widely used. The Tapco roofing shingles are the most commonly used types. Similarly, the ceramic roof tiles and terracotta roof tiles are the other prevalent roofing materials in Cochin. This is mainly due to the quality of roofing materials offered by the Tapco roofing brand.


They are the roof coverings that consist of separate elements for overlapping. Usually they are flat and rectangular. They are arranged from bottom to up of the roof and the successive one will be overlapping the one below. The Tapco roofing company installs the roofing shingles in a better way. The roofing shingles are made of different materials like clay or terracotta. On comparing to the ordinary clay roof tiles, the roofing shingles will be good looking. They will be very much adorable on the roofs.

Due to this reason, the roofing shingles are chosen for houses with modern architectural designs. Especially, the roofing shingles from Tapco will look awesome on the roofs. The Tapco is the popular roof tile brand in Cochin for different varieties of roof tiles. The beauty of the roof shingles greatly lies on its installation.

The roof installation team from the Tapco is performing excellent works and is serving in this field since a century. The experience and dedication in the roofing services had made Tapco to become a leader in roofing.


The Tapco is the dealer of Aquaizol roofing shingles in India. These are best quality foreign made roofing shingles. The major peculiarities are its durability and quality. On comparing with other roof shingles these are greatly durable and can withstand the harsh climates. At times there will be extremes of climates in Kerala. Many roof tile brands are facing problems like shifting of roof tiles, small breakings or damages, accumulation of mosses and much more. These kinds of problems are least affected on the Tapco roof tiles. The Aquaizol roof tiles from Tapco also keep these qualities well.

Only good quality raw materials that are environment friendly are used for creating Aquaizol shingles. These shingles are made under latest technologies of manufacturing roofing materials. Each kind of them will be uniform in size and pattern. They are quality checked before delivering it to the customers. All the excellence in providing the roof tiles is making the Tapco as a major roof tile brand in Kerala.


The shingles usually have a lesser durability on comparing to other roofing materials. This is a major drawback with them and the major reason why people go for other roof tiles. But it could be an ideal choice when it is durable along with looking beautiful. The Aquaizol roofing shingles provided by Tapco are of comparatively high durability. They last long on your roofs without causing severe damages. Moreover, their temperature and weather withstanding capacities are also better.

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