The Hyderabad is the largest city and capital of Telangana. Since ancient times, it is popular for its monuments. Similarly, the culture of Hyderabad is very special. Even in the present time, the people there are giving much importance and care to their buildings. This is the reason why they choose to select the Tapco ceramic roof tiles. The Tapco roofing provides the best ceramic roof tiles in Hyderabad.

The roof tiles have a lot to do with the beauty of your home. We always prefer to get beautiful roof tiles for our houses. The larger collection of the Tapco roof tiles will let you to get that roof tile suitable for your home. We keep the houses as in your dreams.

The peculiarity of this ceramic roof tile is, it is made from 100 per cent pure clay. It is manufactured using latest technologies and is at high standards. The Tapco roof tiles meets the international quality of ceramic roof tiles and hence the best for your roofs. This made the people to prefer the roof tiles from Tapco roofing. Since 4 decades we have proven the quality of our products and is now offering even better ones.


The roof tiles are aimed at giving protection to the houses and buildings from different weather conditions. But many different brands of roof tiles fail to give that extreme protection to the roofs. The Tapco roof tiles are the best roof tiles offering the best outcome. This makes the Tapco different from other ceramic roof tiles.

There are different varieties of ceramic roof tiles in different colors and shapes. Many blended colors are available and you can even blend it to your kind of color. These roof tiles will look awesome on your roofs. The Tapco roof tiles will fit to any kind of roofs and it will be perfect after installation. It is easy to do installation for the Tapco ceramic roof tiles.

The Tapco ceramic roof tiles are less prone to the accumulation of algae and mosses on it. They are anti-fungal. It has an extra protective layer on the clay layer to provide better protection to the roofs. This will keep the aesthetic look of the roof and are thus more durable. They are of good quality and require less maintenance in the future. The latest varieties of roof tiles are available with the Tapco roofing.

The climatic conditions of Hyderabad will be at its extremes at times. The summer is so hot that people can’t even step out. There will be heavy monsoons and the dust wind is another problem. Knowing everything about the climates of Hyderabad, people choose to have Tapco ceramic roof tiles on their roofs.

Due to the better quality and durability, people preferring Tapco ceramic roof tiles have increased in Hyderabad. The Tapco roof tiles have attained more popularity with few years throughout south-India. Along with the ceramic roof tiles, other products of the Tapco like terracotta roof tiles, shingles and other roofing materials also attained popularity. Thus, got the name as the most trusted roof tile brand in Hyderabad.

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