The Perinthalmanna is a popular place in Malabar and an important town in the Malappuram district of Kerala. This place is known for having a number of multi- specialty hospitals and shopping hubs. There are much more attractive features regarding this place. You can see there are a number of beautiful and modern kinds of houses and constructions in Perinthalmanna. People here always go for good looking and high quality construction materials. Thus most of the house owners and contractors in this area prefer to have the Tapco roof tiles for their roofs. The Tapco roof tile brand offers the best roof tiles in Perinthalmanna.


Most of the roof tiles from the Tapco are foreign manufactured. They are manufactured under high edge technologies in the foreign countries. The Tapco roofing tiles are the best kinds of China roof tiles in Perinthalmanna. These roof tiles are the budget friendly roof tiles in Perinthalmanna.

The quality of the roof tiles from Tapco is excellent to meet the customer’s needs. Nowadays, these roof tiles are not only aimed at giving a roof protection. They are more important in increasing the external beauty of the houses. This is actually the major point of attraction for many people. The Tapco roofing has a number of roofing materials like the ceramic roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles and roofing shingles. Each one is excellent in quality and their performance.


There are usually sudden climatic changes in Kerala. The climatic condition of Perinthalmanna will be like rapid shifting of climates. There will also experience high temperature in the summer season and heavy rains in the rainy season. These will be a contribution for roof tile damage. Don’t worry, when you have Tapco roof tiles on your roofs. All the roofing materials from the Tapco are specially designed and manufactured to withstand the climatic changes. The Tapco roofing company offers best roof tiles in Perinthalmanna. The Tapco roof tiles had proven it as a suitable roof tiles in places with sudden changing and extreme climates. It

has a special layer on it, which will prevent the roof damages. Moreover, it is prone to less damage and will require only less maintenance in the future. Thus the Tapco roofing is a best option for the house owners in Perinthalmanna. All the roof tiles from Tapco roof tile brand is anti-fungal and will not cause derangements with mosses or algae easily.


All the roof tiles, especially the ceramic roof tiles from Tapco are heat resistant. This will not let excess heat to enter the inside of house and will definitely give a cooling effect to the house. When compared to the concrete roofs, it will give a good cooling effect. Due to this you can reduce the use of electricity and reduce the electricity bills.

The Tapco roof tiles are not only heat resistant; they are also water proof and noise resistant. These roof tiles will not let the entering of the water anywhere into the roofs. They will be completely drained out. They can also protect the entering of excess noises entering your house. Hence the leading roof tile brand in Perinthalmanna.

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