Ceramic Roof in Kodungallur

Ceramic Roof in Kodungallur

Kodungallur is a municipality located especially on the banks of Periyar River. It is a historically significant town and port city. Kodungallur is well connected to other towns in Kerala through road networks. This place is well known for several historic monuments and temples like Tipu’s fort, Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple and more. To retrieve and preserve the existing historic heritage of this region, the government of Kerala had launched the Muziris Heritage Project in 2006. The presence of roof tiles on monuments and temples shows it was used during ancient time itself. The Tapco tiles are the major roof tile supplier in Kodungallur.

Roof Tiles Suitable for Traditional and Modern Houses

As the architectural design of your houses changes, the kind of roof tiles will also differ. Even though there are many different kinds of roof tiles used, the ceramic roof tiles are the most commonly used roof tiles. While constructing new houses people choose to have traditional, modern or any other type of house. Similarly, the roof tiles will also differ for these creations.

The Tapco has a wide range of roof tiles in ceramic, terracotta and as roofing shingles that will suit your roofing needs. Since there are wide collections of roof tiles, you will definitely find a most suitable one. The ceramic roof tiles from Tapco are the best roof tiles in Kodungallur.

High Quality Foreign Manufactured Roof Tiles

We will always check for quality in every product that we buy. Similarly, we will see the quality in case of all the products we are using for constructing our home. The roof tiles are one of the major things among them. This is because it is present on the upper most part of the house and its duty is to protect the remaining part or inside part of the house. Moreover, it is the major source for the exterior beauty of your house. Taking all these aspects into consideration, people choose Tapco tiles for their roofs. On comparing to different roof tile brands in Thrissur, people go for Tapco tiles. This happens mainly because of the quality of roofing products offered by the Tapco. The Tapco ceramic roof tiles are the best in the market.

They are resistant to fire, excess of heat and rain. Due to this property they can with stand harsh climates and hence became a suitable roof tiles in Kerala. Most of these tiles from Tapco are foreign made, that too from many different countries. They are manufactured under advanced technologies and hence you will get uniform roof tiles along with high quality. The peculiarity of roof tiles from that particular country will be reflected in the roof tiles manufactured out there.

Eco-friendly Roof Tiles

All the ceramic roof tiles are manufactured by using pure raw materials. While manufacturing no additional chemicals or materials are added into this. Moreover, the products are assured eco-friendly and will not cause any harm to the Mother Nature. The Tapco roof tiles are the eco-friendly and best ceramic roof tiles in Kodungallur.

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