Pulpally is an average town in the Wayanad district of Kerala. This place is near to the Sulthan Bathery taluk in Wayanad. It is also known as ‘the land of black gold’. This place is known for the only Sita Devi temple in Kerala. This temple is a beautifully constructed in a traditional Kerala design. You can see the roof tops of this temple with certain kind of roof tile. This architecture is a major example for the popularity of the ceramic roof tiles from the ancient times. The Tapco roof tile brand is providing best quality ceramic roof tiles in Pulpally since decades.

People choose to have Tapco roof tiles on their roofs due to a number of reasons. Our brand has everything in ideal like best quality, different varieties in colors and patterns, manufactured out of different countries, affordable rates and much more. Most of the people will find one or other reason to choose the Tapco tiles.

Better Resisting Features

The ceramic roof tiles from Tapco are resistant to heat, rain, fungi and noises. In case of heavy rainfall or storm, the ordinary or less standard roof tiles will let the water enter inside the roof. It may cause further damage to the roof and the water reaches inside the interiors. The excess rain will also cause the accumulation of mosses or any kinds of fungi on the roofs. The Tapco roof tiles have anti-fungal properties that will not allow the accumulation of fungi on it. Thus the Tapco ceramic tiles are maintaining your roof beautifully for long years. Similarly, when there is excess heat the ceramic roof tiles from Tapco will resist the heat up to an extent from entering inside. Thus they are also known as cool roof tiles.

The noise resistant property of roof tile may not find much importance unless you are living in a noisy place. But this will be definitely helpful in areas where there is much sound disturbance. The Tapco roof tiles will resist the entering of sound inside the house to a greater extend. Thus the Tapco has the best ceramic roof tiles in Wayanad.

High Standard at Affordable Prices

Most of the Tapco ceramic tiles are foreign made. They are manufactured from various countries. Thus the tiles out of different countries may show different peculiarities. But there is one thing in common, that is the best quality of tiles. High quality is ensured in all Tapco brand tiles. They are comparatively more durable ceramic roof tiles. Moreover, they meet or sometimes above the international quality standards. This makes the Tapco roofing brand as a most favorable and trusted roof tile brand in Kerala.

The Tapco has premium roof tiles with excellent features. Similarly, there are also economic ranges of roof tiles called Shielder. The introduction of these kinds of ceramic roof tiles had made the people to get ceramic roof tiles at reasonable prices. The Tapco tile is the leading brand to provide budget friendly roof tiles in Wayanad.

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