Wide Range of Jaali tiles in Chennai

Jaali Tiles in Chennai

The Tapco tiles are a leading tile manufactures providing different patterns of jaalis for interior, exterior and architectural needs. Usually the jaalis are with some ornamental patterns which are constructed by using calligraphy, geometry or natural patterns. The uses of jaalis were prominent even in the ancient times. There are several examples of jaalis being used in Indian architecture like tomb of Akbar the great near Agra, TajMahal, BibikaMaqbara at Aurangabad, jaalis at chola temple and much more. The Tapco tiles are manufacturing beautiful and good quality jaali tiles. These are one of the best kinds of jaali tiles in Chennai.

Benefits of Using Jaalis for your Spaces

These tiles are known to give light and air into the spaces along with minimizing the sun and rain. Moreover, when the air passes through these openings, its velocity will be increasing to give profound diffusion. The holes are often nearly of the same width or will be smaller than the thickness of the stone. This was helpful in providing structural strength for the jaalis during the ancient times.

The jaalis are a green tool to reduce the energy load and cost of cooling associated with it. The apertures that are present on the jaali will efficiently reduce the ingress of heat in the daytime. They will also block the entry of direct sunlight that enters the space. Thus it will help in making your interiors a pleasant place to stay. These tiles are ideal for the use in Tamil Nadu as it is mostly a dry place. It could dispel the harsh rays of sun and bring air circulation into the interiors. The Tapco is the leading jaali tile dealers in Chennai to provide beautiful patterns of jaalis.

Terracotta Jaali

The terracotta being a natural material is has several benefits on considering them for residential and commercial purposes. The terracotta jaalis can give two way benefits of cooling with the terracotta clay and the patterns of jaalis that bring air inside. The terracotta jaalis have been a major thing contribution to the beauty of houses and other kinds of building. Rather than helping to bring cool breeze inside, they are also helpful in brining patterns to your constructions. They can be even painted further to meet the theme of the construction. Availability of jaalis with attractive patterns has made the Tapcojaalis highly popular across all parts of India.

At the Tapco, the terracotta jaalis are manufactured with pure terracotta clay. Thus the benefits of the terracotta will not be lost. The Tapco is the leading dealers of terracotta wall tiles in Chennai. We are using advanced technologies in manufacturing all sorts of tiles. Moreover, there are a great collection of foreign manufactured tiles from Tapco. These are good quality guaranteed and will stay with your constructions for long period of time. They are high in quality and standard which will increase the value of your property. Along with the jaali tiles, Tapco is also a leading dealer for wall tiles, floor tiles and roof tiles.

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