The ceramic roof tiles have been the all-time favorite roof tiles for most of the people. The ceramic roof tiles are known for its advantages since the ancient times. People prefer the ceramic roof tiles due to many reasons. They are the suitable for both summer and winter season, when they are made up of pure clay. The Tapco roof tiles are the best ceramic roof tiles in Bangalore known for its quality and durability.

The ceramic roof tiles from the Tapco roofing are beautiful products that last long. It will be a reason for the everlasting beauty of your home. The Tapco roof tiles have been selling the ceramic roof tiles since more than 3 decades and are a top ceramic roof tile brand in Kerala.


We assure you perfect quality roof tiles. The Tapco roof tiles are an ISO certified company, which provides you ceramic roof tiles with extra durability. They also meet the European standards of quality. Each and every roof tile from the Tapco comes out after sufficient quality tests. Hence they are the best quality roof tiles for you. We always focus on the quality of the roof tiles.

Another thing we assure you is that the Tapco roof tiles are the best suitable roof tiles for the dramatic climates in Bangalore. The climate in Bangalore faces sudden and drastic changes, which is a major factor for roof tile damage. The Tapco roof tile is the best brand of ceramic roof tiles which is suitable for all kinds of climates. We meet the sufficient qualities that are needed for a roof tile.


There are many reasons for why the ceramic roof tiles are benefiting the homeowner. Even though different people are benefitted with different reasons, there are many reasons for ceramic roof tiles for being the favorite. Some of them are like the color of the ceramic roof tiles are life time guaranteed. This is because during manufacturing they are using a high firing process which will bind the color applied on it to the tile surface.

The sound insulation property is a major reason for the preference of the ceramic roof tiles. Using this tile, you can stay away from the reality of crowd and noises of the Bangalore. It is also a fire resistant roof tile. They are ideal to use in case of bush fire areas as they are fire resistant.

The ceramic roof tiles from Tapco are the best of its kind and it has an improved cooling effect. It will reflect the heat away from your roof. Thus it helps you to reduce your cooling requirements. They have lesser embodied energy as compared to other roofing products in the market.


The wide ranges of products are the other attractive feature of the Tapco roof tiles. This made it the best ceramic roof tiles in Bangalore. We have a more comprehensive range of colors and finishes of roof tiles. The customers are able to choose from the wide range of ceramic roof tiles.

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