Wide Range of Terracotta Jaali tiles in Kerala

Terracotta Jaali Tiles

The jaali tiles are well known for their usage in the ancient times. You can see the jaali tiles used in different monuments and architecture in the ancient. It was prevalent in other residential constructions also. At that time, jaalis were made from stones and designed were beautifully created on them. There were jaalis with minute designs and large designs. Still there are a large number of people who opt for jaali works for their houses. This is due to the numerous benefits of jaalis. Nowadays, jaalis are created out of clay and they are available in beautiful tile form. Tapco is a leading manufacturer of Jaali tiles in Kerala.

Beautiful Jaalis to Add Beauty to Your Properties

Jaali tiles are known for their beautiful look and the beautiful look they can give to your houses. They are mostly added as a thing to upgrade the look of buildings. From the house of Tapco tiles, different kinds of beautiful jaali designs are available. They are available in different designs are you can find the one suitable for your needs. The Tapco is well known for the beautiful terracotta jaali tiles.

Jaalis for Better Air Passages

The jaali tiles are providing better air passages through the designed holes. People also use it because of the benefits of having fresh air passages in their houses or in the places where they live. These are used in both interiors and exteriors of buildings. Both in the interior spaces and exterior spaces, these are used to get more air passages. This will let the air to pass inside without letting heat to come inside. You will get a fresh breeze with it. These jaali tiles will keep your interior spaces cool by letting fresh air inside. They can be given different colors to suit the other aspects of buildings. But the terracotta jaalis will itself look good on your houses without giving further colors. Tapco is the best terracotta jaali manufacturers in Kerala.

Terracotta Jaali Tiles

The terracotta jaalis are known for its good look and quality. The jaali tiles from Tapco are manufactured with pure terracotta clay. These are eco-friendly terracotta tiles. No harmful materials are added to it while manufacturing. Moreover, the benefits with the terracotta will be preserved with it. They will make your houses to feel cool with presence of an earthy material in it. These are also used to give a natural touch to the houses.

Tapco is manufacturing best quality terracotta jaalis. They meet international quality standards of tiles. Different kinds of tiles like roof tiles, floor tiles, and wall tiles are also manufactured by Tapco tiles brand. They can last longer on your constructions without getting any kind of damages. The quality guaranteed products from the Tapco are now available all across India. We also provide best tile installation services. Providing best quality tiles of different kinds and using eco-friendly raw materials had made the Tapco highly popular. Thus the Tapco is one of the best tile brands in India.

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