Terracotta Jali Kerala

The terracotta jalis help us to exude an earthy flavor in interiors and exteriors. The terracotta jaalis from the house of Tapco tiles are simple yet spectacular. There are a number of designs of terracotta jaalis that vary in shape and slightly in the color. These unique and characterful creations need not be covered by any plaster or paint. This is literally a piece of art in structural form. The types of designs that can be erected with these bricks are constrained by the creativity of the users. The terracotta jaalis are known to give visual as well as tangible connects with nature. The Tapco tiles have the best kind of terracotta jaalis in Kerala.

Historical Importance of Terracotta Jalis

The Indian architecture, from the ancient time itself shows the increased use of terracotta jaalis. Several ancient monuments in Kerala are a proof for this. The uses of jaalis are prominent in constructions of mosques, churches and temple primarily. These kinds of tiles on the monuments had made them attractive with the artistic appearance. They added to the beauty of the monuments. They are also used in residential and commercial constructions.

Features of Jaali Tiles

The jaali tiles are used on the constructions to add pieces of art on them. It can be used both in the interiors as well as in the exteriors. Moreover, they permit air passages and thereby helpin maintaining fresh air inside. Using jaalis will be especially useful in larger areas for permitting air passage. Since the jaalis are made of natural materials, they will bring a cooling effect. Even in the summer season, the jaalis will make the home feel cool with its presence. The Tapco is the leading jaali tile manufacturer in Thrissur.

Foreign Manufactured Jaali Tiles

The Tapco is a major dealer of foreign manufactured jaali tiles in Kerala. There are jaali tiles manufactured from different countries. They are with peculiar properties and look. These can surely add good look to your houses. You can get suitable jaali tiles for your constructions from these collections. The availability of different kinds of tiles had made the Tapco highly popular as leading tile dealers in Kerala.

Best Quality Jaali Tiles

The quality of the tiles greatly matters. It must be of good standard and quality, to serve your house beautifully for long years. The jaali tiles from the Tapco are manufactured with pure quality terracotta clay. No harmful materials that harms the Mother Nature are added to this while their manufacturing. Thus by choosing them from Tapco we are doing good to nature and also to us. These are the eco-friendly jaali tiles in Kerala.

These jali tiles meet international quality standards and they are highly durable. House owners will not be in a point of worrying about the damage of jaalis frequently. Tapco has different kinds of roof tiles in different shapes, patterns, slight variation in colors etc. They can definitely add beauty to the constructions. The Jaalis from the house of Tapco are the best quality jaali tiles in Kerala.

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