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Tiles are basically of three types, they are floor tiles, wall tiles and roof tiles. All kinds of tiles are basically made of ceramic. They are glazed for interior purposes and are commonly unglazed for exterior purposes or roofing. Thinner tiles are used for walls when compared to floor tiles. This is because the floor requires more durable surfaces that will resist different impacts. The roof tiles are also available in glazed or unglazed forms. They are chosen by the roofing contractors according to the architectural designs and the weather conditions of the area. The Tapco is the leading tile dealer in Thrissurfor all kinds of tiles.

Roof Tiles in Thrissur

The roof tiles have become an unavoidable part for bringing beauty and protection to the exterior of the houses. The most preferable roof tiles in India are the roof tiles made of ceramic or terracotta clay. The Tapco is manufacturing both ceramic roof tiles and terracotta roof tiles in Thrissur. Moreover, Tapco is also a dealer of the popular Aquaizol roof shingles brand. Thus choosing Tapco is the best option for all your roofing needs as it has all kinds of roofing materials.

We also have a greater collection of foreign manufactured roof tiles, that too from many different countries. Other than the kind of roof tiles, the Tapco has wide varieties of collection in roof tiles. They are available in different colors and sizes which makes the selection of suitable roof tiles easier for the customers. All these makes the Tapco as the best roof tile dealer in Thrissur. Moreover, all roof tiles from Tapco meet international quality standards and are excellent quality. They are long lasting and are prone to very less maintenance. Thus Tapco roof tiles are a pocket friendly option for your roofs on the go.

Floor Tiles in Thrissur

Floor tiles are a common type of flooring especially for the kitchen and bathroom interiors. There are also different varieties of floor tiles available for all types of interior spaces. There is preference for floor tiles over other flooring materials mainly because of its availability in different colors and patterns. Moreover, they will be a more economic option than other flooring materials. The Tapco is the best floor tile dealer in Thrissurto provide excellent quality floor tiles.

Wall Tiles in Thrissur

Wall tiles are also used commonly for different sets of walls. They will be not thick as the floor tiles as it is not prone to heavy weight or other activities. There are a wide collection of wall tiles in different colors. They can be used as a necessity in needy areas like kitchen walls and bathroom walls. Moreover, they are also used as a décor on the walls as they are available in many artful designs.

Jaali Tiles in Thrissur

The jaali tiles are known to be used since ancient times. These were used to improve entering of air and light inside the houses by reducing the heat. Moreover, they are also a piece of art that you can include in your constructions. The Tapco has a beautiful collection of Jaalis in Thrissur.

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