Wall Tiles in Chennai

Wall tiles are used for various interior and also exterior spaces. In the interior spaces, wall tiles are used especially in areas that are prone to get dirt. They will be most often seen on the walls of kitchen and bathrooms. In the exteriors of houses also wall tiles are given for decorations and in some cases to make the house cooler. There are different uses with the wall tiles and thus there must be different kinds of wall tiles also. From the house of Tapco you can get all kinds of wall tiles suitable for your needs. The Tapco is the leading manufacturer and dealer of wall tiles in Chennai.

Wall Tiles for Kitchen

In our houses, kitchen is a part which is more prone to wear and tear. The kitchen interiors will be exposed to different to things like oils, sauces, water and many other things. They may reach on the walls also. Thus having roof tiles on the walls of the kitchen will make it easy to clean than on the paints. Moreover, the wall tiles on the walls of kitchen can give colors and patterns to your kitchen interiors. This make you space more attractive to see. From the house of Tapco you can get wall tiles in different colors and patterns. You will definitely find a more suitable wall tiles for your kitchen theme.

Wall Tiles for Bathrooms

In case of bathrooms also the walls are exposed to dirt from foams of soaps and shampoos, oils, creams and other things. Moreover, it is the place where we clean ourselves and thus there are chances for more accumulation of dirt in the bathrooms. The bathrooms will demand cleaning very often. The walls of bathrooms with paint are difficult to clean and it may not look clean after your cleaning. Giving wall tiles in the bathrooms will make the cleaning processes easier.

Moreover, wall tiles can give good color and pattern to the bathroom interiors. Wall tiles can bring that extra shine to your bathrooms. With the wall tiles from Tapco you bathrooms will look and feel awesome. The Tapco is the leading brand to provide best quality wall tiles in Chennai.

Terracotta Wall Tiles

Terracotta wall tiles were present in India since very long time. Wall tiles or jaalis are a popular use of terracotta clay. Other than terracotta wall tiles, there are also used in making other handcrafted materials made of terracotta clay. This clay is also known for making jewelries, pottery, etc. The beautiful color and ease of manufacturing with terracotta clay had made its uses prominent.

At the Tapco tiles, we are manufacturing wall tiles and jaalis from the terracotta clay. Only good quality and pure terracotta clay is used by the Tapco for manufacturing terracotta wall tiles. No other materials that will cause harm to our Mother Nature are added to these tiles during their production. Moreover, they are quality ensured before delivering to clients. Tapco is the best terracotta jaali wall tiles dealer in Chennai.

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