Wall Tiles in Kerala

Wall tiles are an unavoidable part in interiors especially of the bathrooms and kitchen. In certain other areas also they are used as decors to add beauty to the space. Most often they are given to suit the floor tiles and other things in the interiors. There are few differences with the wall tiles when compared to the floor tiles. This makes them suitable for installing on the walls. The Tapco is manufacturing best kinds of wall tiles in Kerala. The quality and standard of the wall tiles sold by the Tapco tiles had made it as a leading tile brand in Kerala.

The wall tiles will be generally of less thickness when compared to the floor tiles. As it is not meant for much harsh usage and doesn’t have to bear much weight it of less thickness. Moreover, they are kept in kitchen and bathroom walls for easy cleaning since they are prone to get dirty easily.

Peculiarities of Tapco Wall Tiles

The Tapco wall tiles are ideal for your walls. They are perfectly manufactured to meet the expected needs with the wall tiles. They are manufactured out of quality raw materials under advanced technologies. This is enabling them to become more durable. Most often the wall tiles are manufactured as ceramic tiles.Thus we can gain the properties of this natural clay also.

Moreover, you can get wide varieties of wall tiles in different colors and patterns from the house of Tapco. This will definitely enable to you to get the best suitable one for your interiors. Withgood colors and consistency, the Tapco wall tiles are easy to clean and there will not have any staining. This is the major reason behind the popularity of Tapcoas the best wall tile brand in Kerala. The Tapco wall tiles are resistant to fire and color fading. They will look good on your interiors as the color will not fade for long.

Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles

The wall tiles are available in both glazed and unglazed form. The glazed forms or wall tiles are used for kitchen, bathroom and other dirt prone areas. In case of unglazed wall tiles they are used for both indoor and outdoor walls. They are available in different colors and patterns. The wide collection of Tapco wall tiles are the beautiful wall tiles available in Kerala.

The glazed ceramic wall tiles will have some unique texture owing to the liquid glass coating in its surface. This coating process of wall tiles is given during the firing process of manufacturing. This can actually protect the tile from staining. Glazed ceramic wall tiles are available in a number of colors and styles from the Tapco tile brand. They are less porous in nature and have an ability to add a vibrant appeal to the décor. Glazed ceramic tiles can be used in various areas of your home. Giving best quality and good looking wall tiles had made the Tapco as one of the best tile brand in Kerala.

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